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KNOLL LubiCool-M 

The KNOLL high pressure unit LubiCool®-M is a mobile high pressure unit for machine tools, particulary fixed- and sliding headstock automatic lathes. The system cleans the CL and provides the machine with high pressure. It is suitable for, demanding machining processes, deep hole drilling in one move, processing with difficult materials (e.g. high-alloyed steel, titanium, copper, bronze), and original equipment and retrofitting

This Graphic Image shows the main LubiCool-M Benefits

The Process​

  1. The transfer pump pumps the dirty CL from the machine tool into the compact filter.

  2. The compact filter separates chips and the soiling from the CL, which flows in the clean media tank.

  3. The dirty fleece is collected in the sludge container.

  4. The high pressure pump provides the machine tool with cleaned CL through switchable outputs.

  5. The integrated touchpad allows the control and visualization of the most important system parameters.

This image shows the a diagram of the internal workings of the machine
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