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This is a picture of the KNOLL Pump Motor Heads

KNOLL KTS Screw Pumps

The KTS screw pump has been a KNOLL success story for over 27 years. It conveys cooling lubricant (oil, emulsion, diluted solution) for high-pressure applications on machine tools. A typical example is cooling, lubrication and chip transportation for tools with an internal cooling-lubricant feed for drilling and milling. The KTS offers innovative technology, longevity and wear resistance.

This is a picture of the kts pump

KNOLL KTS Screw Horizontal Pump


• High resistance to wear and long service life
• Low vibration
• Constant fluid velocity
• Temperature-resistant
• Minimal noise generation
• Gentle fluid delivery

This is a picture of the kts vertical pump

KNOLL KTS Screw Vertical Pump


• External main bearing for high resistance to wear and long service life
• Optional mechanical seal for dry installation
• Labyrinth for effective pressure reduction and high efficiency
• Optional wear-resistant silicon carbide piston bush
• Screw spindles precision manufactured from hardened steel for long spindle life and low wear
• Screw housing precision manufactured from silicon carbide, thus virtually wear-free screw housing
• Wear-resistant axial thrust compensation by hydrodynamic mounting of the screw spindles in a continuous fluid lubricating film

This is a Technical Chart of the Various Versions of the KTS Pump. Covering, Size, Volume and other important data for buyers to select from
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