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This image shows a selection of the Pumps sold by BMG Technologies


BMG Technologies UK agent for KNOLL, manufacturers of pumps, filters and conveyors

BMG Technologies Ltd is the KNOLL UK agent reseller for Knoll Maschinenbau GmbH, manufacturers of pumps, filters and conveyors primarily for the machine tool industry.

Knoll is one of the leading suppliers of conveying and filter systems for chips and cooling lubricants in the machine tool and metal processing industry. BMG Technologies have been particularly successful with these products in the automotive and aerospace industries.
Due to the need for pumps in these products, Knoll have also developed and manufactured a range of pumps that are used in industries such as mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals.

As well as their reliability, long service life and ease of servicing, customers also appreciate the quick availability of the products and pump parts

KNOLL High Pressure Coolant Systems

High Performance Cooling for Machining Tools and Lathes 

The KNOLL high pressure unit LubiCool®-M is a mobile high pressure unit for machine tools, particulary fixed- and sliding headstock automatic lathes. The system cleans the CL and provides the machine with high pressure. It is suitable for - demanding machining processes - deep hole drilling in one move - processing with difficult materials (e.g. high-alloyed steel, titanium, copper, bronze) - original equipment and retrofitting

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